Map of Fort Davis Texas & Jeff Davis County 2020-2021

Ln Dr N r Dr Antle pia Dr Limpia Cr eek Dr r View D Clear 0 1 Mile Dr View Clear 118 Mano Prieto M Mano Prieto Circle an o Lan Prieto e .2 mi .4 mi © Copyright Blue Sky Productions Contact Information: r Spring Dr Arabella Cre ek D r n Lim ma Dr a D Ma . Rd 0 y St at e H wy . 1 18 ell Gr ass ab Dr Ar ine to rie o P Dr r. r lla D be Ara ll Ta Ridge L Ar ro w he ad r D pe • ni Elevation n 5107’ Ju 5 1/2 Miles To 17/166 N Dove Ln Dr © Copyright Blue Sky Productions i l Mano Prieto Circle ar Limpia Crossing © 2018-2019 Blue Sky Productions Ce d State Hwy. 118 Elevation: 5267’ wy. State H 118 6 1/2 mi to TX17 Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce #4 Memorial Square, P.O. Box 378 Fort Davis, Texas 79734 800-524-3015 or 432-426-3015 and Hebert’s Caboose Ice Cream Shop For more information visit Jeff Davis County: Community Data Across from Fort Davis National Historic Site This data is provided for informational purposes only, acquired from sources deemed reliable including the US Census Bureau, the Jeff Davis County web site and other sources. Readers should do their own research for informed decisions. Population est., 2017: 2,280 Land Area: 2,264 sq. mi. Population density: 1.0 people/sq. mi. (very low) Population Mix, 2017: 65 and older: 32.2% Texas: 11.5% 18 and under: 9.1% 26.4% Ethnicity, 2017: White: 61.7% Hispanic: 34.5% Other: 3.8% High School graduates, 2016: 80.6% Texas: 81.6% Bachelor degree, or higher: 38.4% Texas: 27.1% Industries providing employment: Educational, health and social services; agriculture; accommodations and food service. Median income, 2017: Texas: Per capita income, 2017: Texas: $50,174 $53,035 $26,493 $27,125 Cost of Living Index: 83 (US average is 100) Property Tax Rate, 2017, per $100 appraised value: County: $.6556 Fort Davis ISD: $1.17 Valentine ISD: $1.04 Total sales tax: 8.25% State Income tax: None © Copyright Blue Sky Productions Climate: 274 sunny days per year. Max. average daily high temperature 90°F, June Min. average daily low temperature 29°F, January Rain: 16 inches per year, most in July, August and September Snow: Less than 5 inches per year.